Finish line of the NYRR Queens 10k, 2017

Finish line of the NYRR Queens 10k, 2017

My name is Kelly and i started running in 2015, when my cousin and I decided to sign up for the 2016 Disney Princess half marathon. We had no idea what we were doing in training, but somehow managed to cross the finish line. Since that race I have been chasing milestones and working up to full marathons. Along the way I have had to figure out training plans, gear preferences, and fueling, among other things. On this blog I hope to share some of what I have learned with you!

Familar faces you may read about

Kelly Z., That's me!

Kenny Z., My Dad, often biking along on my runs.

Kasey B., My cousin who drags by butt out of bed on weekday mornings, when I would otherwise be sleeping in a half hour later. While Kasey previously claimed she would never run a race with the word marathon in it, she now has two half’s under her belt, with a third lined up - the disney princess half marathon. Will she ever run a full? Personally, I hope the FOMO will get the best of her.

Sophie K. My brother’s girlfriend, who has finally become a permanent resident of Long Island. She said the word “marathon” to me this week, and I am already scheming for the 2020 NYC Marathon, with a run at the 9+1 program in 2019. I am glad that she had signed on to my lifestyle of running races on holidays.

Mike P. Mike and I first met in the third grade, when our younger brothers were on the same softball team. We grew up together, working our first jobs together, and acting in the same high school plays. Mike ran my first road runners race with em back in 2016, and somehow I talked him into doing the 9+1 with me for the 2019 NYC marathon…. and then realized that I would be out of town for Jen’s wedding that weekend. But Mike has committed, and these days we are sharing a lot of miles as he trains for his first Marathon!

Jen C. My cousin who trains with me from afar, in Atlanta GA.

Dennis T., My Husband- Tried marathoning once and has vowed to never run again... now a member of the support team.

Merrick Bicycles Tri Team, A triathlon team I often run with... they are slowly but surely convincing me to train for a triathlon. 

Jennie H., As we say, my oldest bestest friend - always down to run a 5k with me.

Kevin and Tommy, My younger brothers - Sometimes roped into running with me, but more likely to be found at the gym. Yes, they are bitter I made them split a bio. 


Member of the 2019 ProCompression Ambassador Team

Member of the 2019 ProCompression Ambassador Team